ORDERS All orders are binding once production has started. Any cancellation or reduction of an order will not be accepted, unless the customer pays an indemnity for any material and labor costs incurred by Evotech.

DELIVERY TIME Orders will be dispatched from Evotech in 15 working days.

DELIVERY Goods are dispatched ex factory (at buyer’s risk). The Buyer has to inform Evotech of his usual forwarding agent. If the customer does not have a particular forwarding agent then Evo­tech will deliver the goods through their own courier, all expenses will be charged to the customer. These charges will also include packing expenses.

PAYMENT Payment must be made according to the agreed way and within the agreed time scale. If payment becomes overdue, Evotech has the right to stop the delivery and to claim a payment in advance without paying any compensation to the Buyer. Any objection about materials in progress or in the customer’s hands does not relieve the customer of the due payment.